Real Ways to Delay Ejaculation with and without Medication Therapy!

What is Stamina?

Men’s stamina in relation to sexual activity is the duration of sexual intercourse from the beginning of a vaginal intercourse to ejaculation. Normally, it takes from 3 to 30 minutes depending on a great number of variables. But sometimes for different reasons the duration of the sexual intercourse is too small. When the intercourse lasts for less than one minute and a half irrespective of the environment, the frequency of sexual acts and other factors, specialists usually describe this phenomenon as premature or early ejaculation. Most men consider PE to be a pathological condition and want to learn how to delay ejaculation. There exist non-medication and medications methods to prolong ejaculation and increase stamina. Let’s review the most popular ones.

Behavioral Changes

The simplest way to delay ejaculation is trying to change behavior in bed, using special techniques and tricks. There are plenty of them, moreover, you can create your own methods that help you personally. Some of such techniques are the following.

  • Try to be slower. You don’t have to be aggressive and assertive every time. Slow down the pace, relax and enjoy the process itself. If you feel that you are close to the culmination, make a pause.
  • Change sexual poses. If you are disposed of too early ejaculation, try to choose passive positions for a delayed ejaculation. For example, it can be a position when a man is lying on his back. In fact, you can use your imagination at full and choose any positions you like. Let your partner be active.
  • Use special lubrications, cooling gels and thick condoms. All these things are sold in sex shops, and they not just help to increase stamina, but also let make your sexual life more diverse.
  • Think of something else. For example, of your work, or something non-sexual. But do not abstract from the process completely, as you are risking to lose a sex drive.

Lifestyle Changes

Real Ways to Delay Ejaculation with and without Medication Therapy!

Healthy men have a healthy sexual life. Correct dieting, physical activity, exercising – all this can be of great importance for stamina increasing. If you are accustomed to regular physical loads, you’ll easier control your whole body during a sexual intercourse. One more important recommendation is to avoid stresses. Though weird it can sound, psychological problems impact sexual performance greatly.

Anxiety, neuroses, depressions are frequent causes of both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Medication Therapy

If none of the above-mentioned methods help, you may need medical treatment. Before you learn how to prolong ejaculation with medications, you should take into consideration that these meds can have side effects, so you shouldn’t take them without consulting to a specialist. There are some food supplements that are sold over the counter. They are safe, but some less effective that drugs sold by prescription at pharmacies. Mind that some of these drugs are antidepressants that slow down your reactions a little, inhibiting centers of pleasure in the brain. To choose the most appropriate medicine for treating PE, consult a health specialist – an urologist or a sexologist.

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